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Cheap Prints

Printing photos as wall art is extremely expensive! Printing on acrylic gives an extremely sharp out of this world effect but is very pricey whereas printing on canvas has a soft look but is cheaper.

I was looking to decorate my walls with a mix of acrylic and canvas prints but also wanted to make sure it wasn’t going to be too hard on the pocket. deals in acrylic prints and provide products with excellent quality. However, they are quite pricey when compared with other websites/companies. They do provide acrylic proofs (at the time of writing 12x8in for $22 7x7in for $13). These have the same quality as a regular 12x8in or 7x7in acrylic print with hanging material but for 3 times the price. I ordered a bunch of these proofs and got some french cleats made by my friend Jeff Adams (who enjoys doing wood work) and had one part of the cleat pasted on the back of these frames using some Mod Podge. They turned out to be quite well!

I also wanted some large prints but did not feel like investing in the pricey acrylic prints. Hence, I moved my attention to canvas prints. is a decent website that offers upto 90% discounts on canvas prints! Their prices are substantially less than a lot of websites I have looked at.


1) No color correction - looks like they keep their prices low by sending the prints directly from the order to their printing machines. This is fine if you have a well calibrated monitor. I would recommend jacking up the saturation levels a bit though since in general canvas prints come out with low saturation.

2) Not perfect in terms of stretching the photo on the canvas - It is definitely not bad, but I am a bit too picky about perfection here and felt that the job was more like 90% instead of perfect. But nothing really amiss to the naked eye unless you decide to investigate.

3) I spent a few hundred dollars on all my canvas prints and filled most of my walls. These prints with these sizes would have costed my at least a couple of thousand dollars. I however wouldn’t recommend these prints as the centerpiece of your living room - an acrylic print would do a lot more justice there.

*My opinions about these websites and their products are based on my personal experiences and I am not getting any kickbacks from them.

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